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Faro Arm

Faro Portable CMM

The Faro Portable CMM is most advanced Portable CMM Arm with Laser Line scanning. The device is high on accuracy and left all the other traditional CMM tools and portable inspection equipment out of date. The FARO portable Arm will helps in easy inspection, Reverse Engineering and CAD to part comparison by scanning and probing.

Instrument Details :

  • Auto thermal compensation
  • Inspect & Digitize up to 4ft & 8 ft arm
  • Repeatability 0.030mm for 2.5mtr
  • 7 Axis arm with contact & non-contact laser line Probe or curved probes
  • Accuracy Starting from 0.020mm to 0.029 mm
  • Scanning Accuracy 0.050 mm
  • Multi Probe Capability

The Faro Portable Measuring Arms makes the measuring of complex objects easy, which includes the measurement of alignment, calibration, inspection, reverse engineering and as-built documentation.

Software Support :

The computer integrated inspection process is supported by various software. These software can directly be integrated with portable CMM and generate automated and templated inspection report as per customer specifications.

  • PolyWorks
  • Spatial Analyzer (SA)
  • Geomagic
  • CAM2 Measure10

Applications :

  • Aeronautics Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Metal Fabrication Industry
  • Mould & Tool Die Inspection
  • Jigs & Fixture Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering