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Rotalign Touch

Pruftechnik Rotalign Touch

Pruftechnik Rotaalign touch is highly precision instrument used for shaft alignment and any other machine alignment workls included with vibrations Measurement.

ROTALIGN touch now features MultiCoupling measurement (including Multi-Coupling livemove) and Multi-Coupling Live Trend. According to user specific aggregate requirements up to six coupling shafts can be simultaneously aligned in real-time. This can reduce the alignment-time up to 50 percent and more!

Instrument Details :

  • Model Rotalign Touch
  • Measuring Range 20 Meter
  • Accuracy 1 Microns
  • Repeatability 1Microns

Key shaft features at a glance:

  • Multi-coupling Shaft measurement & Multi-couplive-move
  • Intelligent measurement modes including uncoupled intelliPASS and intelliPOINT
  • Cardan shaft alignment with cardan in place
  • Vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode
  • Softfoot diagnostics
  • Mulit-coupling Live Trend
  • Horizontal and Vertical  move simulator
  • Measurement table including different  alignment jobs
  • Machine train with real 3D machines
  • Real time Intelligent measurement quality
  • Customized tolerances (even asymetrical)

Applications :

  • Shaft alignment in Refineries, Chemical and fertilizer related industries.
  • Power industries like Wind, hydro, Steam and Gas turbines
  • Machine and Fixture alignment
  • Site installation and commissioning